How to use the Facebook Ad Library to 10x your ads?

In this blog post, Skill Shiksha will give you brief information on How to use the Facebook Ad Library to 10x your ads? More than half of all marketers around the world will tell you that Facebook is their favorite platform for promoting their products and services if we go with the statistics.

 why would not they say that they don’t have any reason to deny the fact because Facebook has constantly proved itself as the most affordable as well as the most reliable advertising social media platform in the world. Its detailed targeting and result-oriented features are one of the reasons they are far above its competitors and it’s the go-to place for people who want to target the right people through their ads as well as for those people who are just starting out in running ads. 

Even the most skilled marketers who approach digital marketing especially Facebook Ads in a strategic way sometimes don’t see any results with their Facebook ad campaign and that is the time for them to use Facebook Ad Library. 

Let us tell you what Facebook Ad Library is and how it can benefit you. However, till now you must have understood that Facebook Ad Library is not just for the newbie digital marketers, it is also for the advanced ones.

About Facebook Ad Library

What is the definition of a Facebook Ad Library?

The FB Ads Library is a platform where you can access all the Facebook ads that are running currently around the world to get inspiration for your own future advertisements or for any other reason depending upon your own needs. 

Why was Ads Library originally created?

The Facebook Ad Library was originally created to give its users complete transparency on what type of Ads Facebook is running all around the world. 

In 2016, a political advertisement issue has been faced by Facebook and after somewhat around a year, in 2018, Facebook launched Ads Library Archive to let its users know, how transparent they are with the ads they run on the platform. 

Why was Ads Library originally created? Learn With Skill Shiksha. 

Earlier it has been used just for political advertisement campaign purposes but later on, it has been made common for the general public to use it as well. Although, the people who use it the most are marketers.

How do digital marketers get greatly benefitted from FB Ads Library?

Digital Marketers can be greatly benefitted from FB Ads Library as they can see how the ads in the world are running at the time and what transformations major companies in the world are making in their advertisements. Digital Marketers can take information from the current running ads to create effective ads in the future. 

Inspiration could be anything like seeing how the content and copy are like in the major ads, how the design has been made, and what information are the major companies trying to convey through their advertisements. 

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Major benefits digital marketers leverage by using FB Ads Library

Major benefits digital marketers leverage by using FB Ads Library

1) They alter their copy and content with major changes to see an increased number of clicks and buys.

2) They can create a new ad after taking inspiration from Facebook Ad Library along with their current ad that is running to test the new ad and if he sees any improvement, he can conceptualize further ads based on the improvements.

3) Digital marketers can see the ads in the Facebook Ad Library that have a huge conversion rate and take reference from them to create such ads in the future.

10x your FB ads with Ads Library

Use the filter to find out the type of FB Ads media you would like to run.

You must have been running a specific type of advertisement for a long time for the company you work, the reason would be because you have been seeing measurable results from doing that but it is always in your mind that your product can be sold better if you try a different sort of Ad. 

Here in Facebook Ad Library, you can see different Facebook ads that have been run by a business that sells the same products as you, and if that business has tried something new to get very good results from them you can do so too. The thing is, the ad that is running appropriately in one country has a good chance that it will run equally well in other countries as well. +

Usually, digital marketers don’t tend to try anything new because they think that “what if the money invested in the ad will go waste” but Ads Library research will help you tremendously in that as you can watch other people’s ideas that have been producing great results and try them yourself with little modifications as per your business. 

See how the other companies are doing the A/B Testing

Maybe the company you work for has a limited budget, but the other business on the other side of the world that sells the same products and services as you might not have it, so they have the freedom to A/B test various ad types to examine which one of them will come out as the most effective one. 

Companies are doing the AB Testing. 

On FB Ads Library, check out the businesses doing the A/B testing, and clearly see how different they are doing in all their running ads. 

It could be anything like an alteration in the copy or in the graphic used. It could also be something like changes in the type of advertisements like Display Ad, Video Ad, or anything else. Take your ideas from there. 

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1) FB Ads will be shown for how long on Facebook Ad Library?

Answer – It will be displayed for 7 years in the Ads Library.

2) Is there anyone you know who has amassed huge benefits from Facebook Ad Library?

Answer – You must be new as you are asking this, you can ask any elite digital marketer who runs ads regularly and he will tell you that Facebook Ad Library is his go-to place on a daily basis.