Top 5 Data Science Blogs That You Should Follow In 2021

Top 5 Data Science Blogs

The world of the data science industry is constantly evolving, making the blog’s ideal part to share all the vital information. Whether you are a tech freak or a data scientist, keeping up with the recent trends and techniques is essential through the Data Science Blogs which is considered a good way of learning. (Start your E-learning anytime-anywhere with SkillShiksha Online Courses)

To help you learn from the best blogs on the web, top 5 Data Science Blogs in this blog post from where you can get fresh information and update your knowledge for all-around development.

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Data Science Blogs; You Should Follow In 2021

Analytics Vidhya

Analytics Vidhya is an excellent data science blog for those who look to establish a career in data science. The blog publishes articles on data science, machine learning, R programming, and Python for analytics, among much more. This website also has a forum where readers can post queries and answer them relating to data science.

Becoming a Data Scientist

The name says it all. This Data Science blog focuses on helping people who want to enter this profession. This blog is run by Renee who engages in interviewing industry experts, posts tutorials, and helps readers improve their skills. Articles are posted once every month.

Data Into Results

Data Into Results posts blogs in a timely frame which can benefit data-driven startups. The blog posts are crafted by consultants having vast knowledge in data mining, and most of the content is about data mining applications. (Learn Benefits of Data Science Course In Covid-19)


Datafloq is a popular data science blog that’s a must-follow for an individual wanting to stay up to date with the industry’s recent trends and techniques. This blog post is filled with data science resources, articles on news, opinion, advice, and research.


FastMail is created and run by an economist who aims at sharing the concept of data science in an easy and straightforward as possible. This blog post shares useful tips that readers can implement in machine learning.

Blogs are the best source from which you can get all the mix and crucial information. Following the above-mentioned blogs will help you gain updated information or to build a firm career in the same.

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